Winter Warmth Newsletter

Winter Warmth Newsletter

13th December 2021

Big Energy Saving Winter at Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd

Feeling powerless?

We’ll help you manage rising energy costs at Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau.

This winter, many of us are worried about our energy bills. Prices have gone up, but for lots of us our incomes have stayed the same or even fallen. But the Citizens Advice network in Scotland is here to help. Contact Stirling CAB today or call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 for help with your home energy this winter

Have you been allocated a new supplier?

A large number of energy suppliers have exited the market in 2021, so many of us have been allocated a new supplier.  If you experience this, it is advisable not to  take any action and allow the process to complete. People are being advised not to switch supplier at the moment, but if you are worried about this, please contact Stirling CAB today!

Help in Action 

Client presented reporting she was facing financial hardship due to reduction in Universal Credit £20 per week uplift. She was vulnerable and in hardship.

Tackling Rural Isolation (TRI) worker discussed areas of potential support with client, and advised that a full benefit check should be carried out to ensure no discrepancies in Universal Credit award were present. On completion of check it highlighted client should be in receipt of an additional component, as her pensioner husband was in receipt of a disability benefit. A submission to the DWP via the clients Universal Credit Journal was submitted stating the relevant legislation, and requesting the amendments be put in place and retroactively backdated. This submission was approved by the DWP and the client was awarded just over £8,500 backdated money, as well as an ongoing award totalling over £4,000 per year.

TRI worker also referred client to SSEN worker for energy support as she lives off the gas grid and relies on bulk fuel deliveries for oil to heat her home. As bulk deliveries are expensive the client is struggling to keep warm this winter. Due to vulnerabilities the client was able to get signed up to the Priority Service Register. 

In addition to this support, an application was made to the Fuel Bank Foundation Heat Fund. This scheme helps prevent self-disconnection where a household cannot afford to pay for their fuel and have been deemed as in crisis need where they self- ration heat. The client was eligible to make an application to the Heat Fund and was successfully awarded 1000L of oil to fill her tank and ensure she does not go cold this winter. This was a saving of £450 for the client. 

Energy Advice Service – providing holistic energy advice, assisting with debt issues, advocacy and emergency fuel assistance: Contact Gary Egan on 07498988993 or

Tackling Rural Isolation Support Service – provides advice and support to individuals in rural North and West Stirling District. Those struggling with benefits, to engage with their communities or with food and fuel issues. Contact Chris Kinnaird on 07498925157 or

SSEN Vulnerable Persons Fuel Poverty Outreach Worker – works to identify and support families and people of pensionable age who are suffering from fuel poverty with the aim to maximise their incomes. Contact: Laura Hutchison on 07498925159 or