Winter Warmth Newsletter

Winter Warmth Newsletter

7th September 2021

Keep warm this winter with the help of Specialist Advisors at Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd

The consequences of fuel poverty are misery, discomfort, ill health and debt. The Energy Team in Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau can help you escape fuel poverty.

With the continuing impact from the Covid pandemic being felt across all sections of society, many of us have had to adapt to new ways of working and learning. As a result of home working, home schooling, and being placed on furlough, we are spending much more time in our homes, and as a result, are using more electricity and gas to light and heat our homes. Advice and support in energy management, access to grants and benefits, and help in finding cheaper supplies can be sought from Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd.

The Winter Warmth Campaign Snapshot:

31 Warm Home Discount applications made

158 Fuel Crisis payments made

23 Energy switches completed

£85,000 Client financial awards gained through working with the TRI project

42 Signed up to the Priority Services Register

Top Tips to help you save money on your energy bills

Turning your appliances off at the plug could save you £35

By using a bowl for washing up you could save up to £25 a year

You could save £60 by turning your thermostat down by 1 degree

If you spent just 1 minute less in your daily shower you could save £8

By turning off lights when you leave a room you could save £15 each year

Energy Advice Case Study

Client lost his job due to contracting COVID19 and then suffering from ill health thereafter. The client has an oil boiler and therefore has to buy oil in bulk to heat his home. This can be very expensive with inconsistent prices and can also be hard to save up for. The client was able to provide sufficient evidence to be eligible for the Home Heating Advice Grant funded by the Scottish Government. The client was awarded £754 to support his oil and electricity needs. In addition, the client was also signed up to the Priority Service Register providing the client with extra assistance from his electric supplier and the energy network if there were to be a power cut.

The client was referred to Home Energy Scotland for additional support and advice regarding upgrades to his heating system and insulation to keep his home warmer for longer.

A referral was also referred to the Tackling Rural Insulation Worker to assist client with welfare rights and income maximisation.

01786 470239

Energy Advice Service – providing holistic energy advice, assisting with debt issues, advocacy and emergency fuel assistance: Contact Azra Tabassum on 07498988993 or

Tackling Rural Isolation Support Service – provides advice and support to individuals in rural North and West Stirling District. Those struggling with benefits, to engage with their communities or with food and fuel issues. Contact Chris Kinnaird on 07498925157 or

SSEN Vulnerable Persons Fuel Poverty Outreach Worker – works to identify and support families and people of pensionable age who are suffering from fuel poverty with the aim to maximise their incomes. Contact: Laura Hutchison on 07498925159 or