Accesing Social Justice (2016)

Accesing Social Justice (2016)

29th January 2017

Stirling CAB is a major source of external advice for local citizens accessing justice. In 2014/15 the bureau advised 5,827 clients on 13,893 issues, covering a wide range of subjects.

• Stirling CAB has been concerned with the ability of citizens to access social justice locally and undertook an investigation into the following civil law
• Decreases in legal aid funding provided by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB)
• The introduction in 2013 by the UK Government of fees for Employment Tribunals
• The current local situation with regard to legal representation when proceeding through the Court system,
• Identifying areas of civil law for which there was little or no representation available within the Court system

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    Accessing Social Justice in Stirling (2016) - Full report
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    Accessing Social Justice in Stirling (2016) - Executive summary